How it works

Some facts about WaterWands and Irrigatia Pumps:

All our pumps,both WaterWands and Irrigatias are solar powered, weather reponsive and designed to irrigate garden beds, vegetable gardens, hanging baskets, living walls, greenhouses or pot plants without using mains water or electricity. You can even use them for hydroponics.

All units are programmed to switch on and run every 3 hours The run time may be as much as two hours or as little as a few seconds. The total volume delivered depends on the amount of sunlight the unit has received in the preceding 3 hours (which determines how much water your plants need), the pump settings and whether you are using a moisture sensor. The length of time the units run for will also be affected by the orientation of the pump to the sun (north to north-west is best), the time of year, shading and even the height above sea level (well, a little).

The units have 5 settings, the higher the setting, the more solar power is collected and stored by the unit, and the longer the pump will run for when it switches on.

The kits all come with a filter so tank water can be used without the risk of the pumps being blocked and an anti-siphon device. The pumps will use any convenient clean water source as long as it is big enough – a tank, a water butt, a bin full of water, even a bucket (but light must be excluded to prevent algal growth).  The pumps are not intended to run dry but short periods will not damage them. All the units except the WaterWand II will sound an alarm and flash lights if the water runs out and switch off. They are not intended for use with dirty water.  

The units should be hung with the solar panel in full sun, facing north/northwest if possible. The smaller models can hang up to 2 metres above the water source and can pump up a further 3 m (5 m in all – high enough for hanging baskets round a second-storey roofline). 

The units run every three hours but the start time for each “run” can be changed by turning the unit off and on again. 

Do not allow any of the pumps to freeze (as ice could damage the micropump inside the unit).

Irrigatia SOL-C12 and SOL-C24 and WaterWand II

The Irrigatia SOL-C12 and WaterWand II are large enough (with extension irrigation kits) to water 24 x 10 l pots, 8 large hanging baskets or 4 sqm of garden bed. The Irrigatia SOL-C24 will double that. The delivery rate is 100-120 ml/minute.

All pumps are in plastic cases, dark green for the Irrigatias and white for the WaterWands. The kits include 15m x 4mm polytube, 12 drippers, 12 stakes and 12 T’s, anti-siphon device and filter. The drippers in the irrigation kit are 1 l/hr drippers. You can add another 12-dripper kit to the Irrigatia SOL-C12 or WaterWand (24 drippers in total). The Irrigatia SOL-C24 can service another 36 drippers (48 in total). 

You can use seephose kits if you prefer in garden beds or large pots. The Irrigatia SOL-C12 and WaterWand can service 12m of 8mm seephose; the Irrigatia SOL-C24 can supply 24m. Our drippers are designed so that 1m lengths of seephose slide over the outlet side so that water is distributed evenly. 

We also have Intensive Care kits which will fertilise your plants as they are watered. And there are add-on moisture sensors available for the Irrigatia pumps.

All kits have a 12 month warranty. Rechargeable batteries unfortunately  do not run forever and will need to be replaced every 12 – 18 months. There is a maintenance kit available for all models which also contains a micropump.  We have a full range of replacement parts. Please contact me, Chris by email on for prices.

Irrigatia Tank series pumps – SOL-C60, SOL-C120 and SOL-C180

  1. There are 3 kits in the SOL-C tank series – Irrigatia SOL-C60, SOL-C120 and SOL-C180. The controller is the same for all 3. they are distinguished by the size of the solar panels (5, 10, and 15 W) nd the size of the battery packs. You can upgrade or downgrade your unit by changing these. 
  2. The pump outlet is 13mm and water is delivered through a 13mm spine (included in the kit). 
  3. Irrigation extension kits – drippers and/or seephose can be attached to this spine using the nipples or small valves from the kit, which are inserted directly into the 13mm tube using the punch. Seephose can be used by connecting lengths between 0.2m and 1.2 m directly to as many or as few dripper outlets as you wish. Seephose does not affect water outlet, it merely spreads the water from the drippers into a line. 
Tank series parameters Figures given for guidance, actual performance will vary according to local situation.
C60 C120 C180
Solar panel W 5 10 15
Water pump lpm Diaphragm 1.6 1.6 1.6
Max lift m 5 5 5
Max water output lpw UK 600 1200 1800
Australia (est) 900 1800 2700
What will it water Tomato plants 60 120 180
Hanging baskets 12 24 36
Vertical gardens 12 m² 24m² 36m²
Beds 20m² 40m² 60m²

Emitter output


Drippers each 4.5 9 13.5

4. You can use any clean, still, water source of at least 1000 l. A tank is ideal. See installation instructions.

6. All Irrigatia units come on every three hours from the time they are first turned on. The length of time they will run for is related to the amount of sun that has fallen on the solar panel and the switch position. The starting time can be reset by turning the pump off and on again. The unit will not charge when it is off.

7. The switch on the circuit board governs the charging of the battery which in turn influences the run-time. Charging takes place on a 5 minute cycle, on position 1 the solar panel is turned on for 1 minute, and the time increases with the switch position through to 5 minutes on position 5. The pump starts when first switched on, then every 3 hours after that. It is switched off when the battery voltage falls to a preset level. In this way you can adjust the watering for your plant size while the controller adjusts it for the weather. We recommend that you monitor the dampness of the soil during the first week and change the setting accordingly.

8. The water level sensors must be attached to the inlet strainer as shown.

9. The light (on the circuit board) will blink when the unit is charging and remain steady when the pump is running. The number of blinks between pauses indicates the knob setting. If the water source runs dry, an alarm will sound, the light will flicker and the pump will turn off. It will automatically re-start when there is sufficient water. The alarm can be silenced by unplugging the beeper from the circuit board.

10. The Irrigatia Tank Series units are solar powered. The brackets provided should be used to put the solar panel in the sunniest position possible and angled upwards. The solar panel is provided with a 5m cable which can be extended with optional extension kits.

11. Ideally the controller is situated near the water source and low enough that water gravitates to the pump. You can water plants up to 100m from the water source but take care to ensure some outlets are not too much closer to the pump than others. It is better to split the delivery line and feed in both directions than to feed from one end.

12. The Irrigatia is fitted with filters but is not recommended for use with dirty water (ie, pond water) or grey water. The filter must be used at all times and can be rinsed out or scrubbed with a mild bleach if necessary.

13. The Irrigatia will run for shorter times in the winter and on gray days. This is what it is supposed to do but if the times are becoming shorter for no reason, the battery pack may need replacing. Please order a maintenance kit (recommended every 18 months).

14. The Irrigatia is designed so that any of the parts can be easily replaced, even by the user. Spare filters, drippers etc can be supplied.

15. The Irrigatia SOL-C tank series kits include: controller with integrated pump and feed pump; solar panel with mounts; connecting harness; inlet filter, anti-siphon device; 2x 10 AA battery holder; 30 m x 13mm tube; 12 irrigation kit connectors; 4 x stoppers; 2 x 13mm tees; 12 x 4mm valves (which can also be used to connect to the 13mm spine)12 x 13mm stakes; 1 punch

16. There are extension kit and accessories available –

  • Extension dripper kits with 12 drippers, stakes, T’s and 15 m tubing
  • Seephose kits of 12 m seephose, 12 stakes, 2 connectors, 12 stoppers. 1 m lengths of seephose fit over a dripper to spread the water over a larger area.
  • Tubing extension kit – 30 m x 4mm tubing with a connector.
  • Spare parts – everything can be replaced. The smaller units can be upgraded. A quote can be provided in case of need.

17. The Irrigatias are covered by a 12-month guarantee.I