About Us

My brother, George, who lives in the U.K., invented the WaterWand and showed it to me when I was visiting. I thought that I needed one far more than he did! So, I brought one home to Melbourne.

P3100041To test it properly, I built a vegetable bed 1 ½ m by 3 m – 4 ½ square metres which is right on the edge of what the WaterWand can cover. During the two weeks preceding  Black Saturday (when the thermometer climbed to 47º at my place) we had day after day over 40 and I was rather surprised to be harvesting zucchini, sweet corn, beans, cucumbers and greens from that bed along with the odd self seeded tomato. We had no rain from the 6th of December but eight weeks later the WaterWand was still watering. The WaterWand bed became a green oasis in the midst of my sunburnt brown garden, notwithstanding that I had used only 800 litres to water 4 ½ square metres – much, much less than normally would be necessary.

After that, I thought that perhaps the rest of Australia needed a WaterWand too so I decided to import some.

I then got talking to my clever son, who is a design engineer. He started working on George’s prototype WaterWand Mark II which is for smaller beds and hanging baskets and turned it into a lighter and easier-to-use pump with a plastic case. This version dropped the “water-out” indicator (that warns you when your water is low and switches the pump off). However, this feature is back in the new C-series pumps.