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Solar Powered Watering Systems

Key Features

Solar Powered

Both WaterWands and Irrigatia C-series pumps are solar powered, weather reponsive and designed to irrigate garden beds, vegetable gardens, hanging baskets, living walls, greenhouses or pot plants without using mains water or electricity.

Smart Delivery

They are programmed to switch on and run every 3 hours, at a rate of approximately 100-120mL/min. The run time may be as much as two hours or as little as a few seconds. The total volume delivered is in proportion to the amount of sunlight the unit has received in the preceding 3 hours and the pump settings.

Clean Filters

The units are also supplied with a filter so tank water can be used without the risk of the pumps being blocked, 15m of 4mm poly tube and a 12-dripper irrigation kit (12 x 1l drippers, 12 T-joiners, 12 stakes) and an anti-siphon device.